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    04 stock GTX wake 155, 7400 rpm 48 mph at 3600 feet... how to get to 80mph

    Ok, 80 mph might be pushing it with stock GTX 155 but is 60 mph realistic - 48 mph just seems SLOW...

    Yesterday I went for a ride. I weigh 185lbs, I topped off the tank with 12 gallons of new 91 and added an ounce of stabil. The elevation is 3600 feet, water temp was 51 and air temp 67 with calm water.

    The model is a 100% stock 2004 GTX wake - Not SC. It has as about 150 hours. I bought it used a few years ago from original owner, it looked brand new, very well cared for.

    Rpm is pretty instant (only 1-2 seconds idle to 7400) and rpm holds steady at 7400 going straight as speed increases, rpm drops to 7300 in left turns and raises to 7500 in right turns. It may take 6 seconds to get to full speed of 48 mph. Max speed is only 48 mph. Boo!

    I am pretty sure I have cavitation Just by the sound and feel - I plan to replace wear ring next week.

    The ski also struggles hard to pull a 60 pound kid out of the water on two water skis, machine just won't pick up speed above 20 mph when pulling a skier.

    1 - Is 48 mph and 7400 rpm normal at wot.

    2 - Do I need to also look at carbon seal if I do NOT have a leak?

    3 - Will I see a speed increase with new wear ring or just faster acceleration to 48.

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    I think you'll need a SC Doo to get over 60 mph at that elevation and air temps.

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    How many hrs? If you have cavitation it might be worth it to replace the wear ring and carbon seal. Most seadoo models you can pull the wearing out and just flip it over, so no need to buy a new one every time.

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    Wear ring will increase speed too. You'll never get that motor to 80mph. Maybe 60s... you'll wanna replace wear ring and see where you end up after that.

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