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    need some help guys with oil change

    So i went to riva and bought the big tank of of 10w40 yama lube and the guy said thats enough i took out the old oil and filled it back up with the new yama lube and was still missing half a quart of oil so i adde a half quart of 10w40 non synthetic oil i had in my garage that was for my car is that ok? Or will it cause me problems lmk brothas thanks and it was done to my gp1800
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    Oil can be a touchy subject around here..... you're fine though. Yamaha doesnt need anything "special" like seadoo does for the wet clutch

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    The Yama Lube 10W-40 is a non-synthetic oil. As mentioned, you're fine. By big tank, you mean a one gallon container? The label should have had 4W in yellow on it and not 4M. Make sure the ski is sitting level, use the rub rail, when checking the oil dipstick. Surprised you needed that much. A little less than a gallon always works for my VXR, 1800na. Maybe they have a bigger pan on the new GP1800.

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    Well, I didn't feel you were starting an oil thread per say . . . as the gist of your question was, was it ok adding a quart of "normal" oil to the Yamalube?? And to that, I think most folks here will agree - you will be fine
    The "4M" on the label is the Marine Yamalube, which is very good for your ski’s engine. While not a pure group 4 synthetic, it is FC-W which makes this oil special, a stronger film-strength for more typically loaded marine applications - good thing. Again, to be on-topic, is it going to matter that you mixed a quart of non FC-W oil in ?? Again, I'd say not.

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