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    riva pro block off vs r&e block off

    i would like 2 hear some pros & cons between the riva pro blocks & r&e block off, i have a set of r&e it did get rid of the propoiseing but made the ski want 2 hunt & lose in the rear i was thinking of going 2 the riva pro block off since they were shorter mabe the rear of the ski will sit a little lower & hook up a little better in turns any comments on the 2

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    how do the skegs help out the r&e i dont want 2 get this thing porposing again i do plan on getting it up 2 the 80 mark might haft 2 change out the rr stock class ecu 2 the rr 8600 rpm ecu, that the goal right now i'm looking 4 some info

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    i have the riva's and their amazing

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