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    Intro and projects. Couches and superjet.

    Hello greekhulk riders!

    I've often googled and seen the site but never joined as never been too into the couches. So let me just jump into a little about me.

    Michigan. 26. Love any powersports. I buy and sell a lot of toys just to mix it up.

    When I was little we had mid 90's Polaris slt's. I always admired standups and my dad would talk about his from back in his day. When I was in college(2012) I saved up and got a bone stock 1999 sxi pro for $1500. I rode the crap out of that thing. Sold it in '14 thinking I wouldn't have time to ride after graduating.

    I was wrong. Big boy paychecks start rolling in. I knew of an absolutely mint Wamilton build 2013 superjet out in NY. Well then I figured I'd get an inexpensive sit down to take a girl for a ride or cruise on bigger water.

    So I found a 2000 GSX 800 and a 2000 RX Millenium on a huge 2 place trailer. I was concerned about the weights and intended to ride the gsx and sell the rx. Practically stole them for what I paid. The yellow one needed a starter and but the rx was mint. Rebuilt carbs right away and new fuel lines. Still has under 80 hours.

    So in 3 weeks last summer I went from no skis to 3 skis. Talk about impulse purchases..

    Well, turns out I really REALLY like the RX. Holy cow is that fun. My superjet probably got ridden 3 times all summer. Rx has been to Lake Michigan and lake st Claire several times. So I guess I'm hooked on couches again too.

    Now I've got a superjet that's gonna stay for a long time, and an RX that I love. Oh, that GSX.. it doesn't run 100% and I just want it gone. I've got in on Craigslist for $1200.
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    **TLDR: hola.

    So now I'm in a new dilemma. I love the RX but I kinda want something a little bit newer. I like the reliability of the four strokes. I don't want any more/less seat space, but more storage would be cool, but not needed. I want flickable and quick and basically everything my rx is, just newer. I'm looking at 2009-2012ish rxp-x 255. Anybody made that move from an rx? What's a good price for one of those under 100hrs? Doesn't seem to be many in MI for sale under $7500.

    Biggest criteria is to be towable with my '13 fusion, thus, I naturally have loathed all the new-age 800lb+ barges.
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