Had a fun 3 hours yesterday releasing my jet pump due to a seized shaft in the intermediate housing and thought I would share my experience. 2001 GP1200r and I was wanting to replace the wear ring. The shaft was stuck solid in the housing and no amount of prying was going to get it off. There is too much flex in the intermediate housing bulk head to get a good solid pull.
My method involved gaining access to the intermediate shaft by removing exhaust etc. Applying heat via a small ,blow torch to the intermediate shaft. A good 2 minutes to let the heat dissipate into the shaft. Then with 2 crowbars levering the jet pump unit from the back, striking the intermediate shaft with a hammer and drift to shock. After a couple of heat and cool cycles the shaft eventually released. It is a 2 man job and took a whilst and I was convinced I was going to have to remove the engine but with perseverance it eventually freed.

Just thought I would share as I was ready to give up and starting to think about removing the engine.