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    Drag on Battery in Storage/Battery Disconnect.

    I'm getting ready to put the batteries back into all 4 Ski's, really warm down here in Texas for February... I'm considering installing some type of battery disconnect on the NEG terminal, but want to know if it's really necessary. I have AGM batteries on all my skis, and the Yamaha's have Oddysey's.
    Does anyone know the parasitic load on the batteries when the battery is hooked up and 'sleeping' on the trailer? I haven't had any problems over the past few seasons, even with some lead-acid batteries to start the skis promptly even after up to six weeks or so of non use (Fall).
    I pull all the batteries out and charge, then store in the house around Late November.
    I'm thinking about this disconnect switch.

    Thoughts appreciated.


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    I personally have not had battery issues with the Yamaha's. Sea Doos are more known for battery drain while sitting.

    If you are concerned, just remove the neg cable from the battery at the end of the day.

    I would NOT use a disconnect like you have shown, it is not a marine USCG approved switch, and will fail with corrosion in a short time.

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    2012 VX and 2013 VXR. I haven't been able to measure any drain on the battery once the display turns off after turning off the engine. I think you're good just as you have been doing.

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    My 2013 FX SHO drains the battery if it sits six months connected. Guess that's not bad.

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    I can't imagine the parasitic drain in sleep mode is really anything at all. Furthermore, I'd say the battery's natural self-discharge (internal) rate is probably more an issue here. Of course ambient temps, batt condition, and batt construction are all factors, but on average, this rate can be 4-6% per month. In other words, the fact that you are bringing them inside for the winter is probably of more benefit than the fact of them being disconnected from the ski's ignition.
    Just my 2-cents (subject to inflation).

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    I've only seen it on '96-up Seadoo and Polaris machines. Usually around 1/10th to 1/5 amp.

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    I have an AGM in my 2007 VX and never had an issue with any battery drain. The battery is pulled in Oct thru May and stored inside and a few days a month on a smart-trickle charge. The battery is an X2 Power (Batteries Plus) and it gets load tested before each season. Never had an issues or concerns with it. It has always performed, even after sitting for a month.

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