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    Red face Sportster 150 2007 SCIC - Hour Tach Issue

    Ok so I just had my 10 hr service. The print out says i've done 13 hours and the Tach says 2 hours !!

    The service lady tells me that they have been replacing the tachs as they are faulty , and did I want mine replacing. So it looks like they are faulty after all

    Anyway , think i'll wait a while before I get mine replaced

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    Ive called my dealer,, he is going to check into this also..

    Ive too got over 10hrs on my boat, but hour meter shows 2-3hrs..

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    Go Sarasota!!

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    Took my boat in for service this week. Hour meter has never worked on this boat. It shows 1 hour but service confirmed it has 8. The dealer said sea doo is aware of the problem but does not have a fix for it. They also said that a recall will probably happen as soon as a fix is found for it. I thought i had about 10 or 11 hours on mine.

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    I had talked to my dealer and they were going to look at it, but then i thought about it and figured, why ruin the resale value by fixing it..

    Ive got over 20hrs on my boat for sure, but the guage only shows 7hrs..

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    <whispering> might ruin your resell value by talking about it to much...</whispering>

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