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    hey guys, i just got done ordering my new well (reman) engine from SBT. it should be here sometime early this comming week, i decided to go the premixing route, the reason i decided that is because even though the oil pumps rarely go, there still that possibility and i trust myself more than i trust the pump, im also putting all new fuel lines,filter, on/off valve, so i rather it be reliable. therefor, i have a couple questions, 1. What ratio should i use for the first tank(because it's a new engine)?
    2. what fuel filter should i buy? the regular OEM one?

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    Nothin wrong with runnin without a oiler. Gonna be a little richer at idle on the oil. My Mercury black max has been runnin no problems for 15 years without the oiler. Same pump thats on a polaris jet ski. If someone else is going to use it, better put a sticker that says mix and the ratio around the fuel cap. The pumps on Mercury outboard puts out 100:1 idle to 50:1 WOT. Not for sure what polaris ratio is on there pumps. Couldn't see u goin wrong runnin 50:1 or 40:1 to be safe. 25:1 is break-in for a new engine. Only fuel filters mine have is the element in the fuel water seperator.

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    OEM Polaris fuel filter. It is a minimal pressure loss filter.

    Some of the aftermarket filters have too much fuel flow resistance.

    40:1 is the commonly used oil ratio after the engine is broken in.

    Overall oil consumption will be about double when running pre-mix compared to oil pump system.

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    awesome, thanks guys, i think i'll run 25:1 with half a tank, break it in slowly then just go to 40:1. appreciate it

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