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    1997 SL900 / 1996 SLX780 Upgrades

    Yeah, I know, they are not even in my possession yet and I'm already dreaming of mods. These will be ridden mostly on a private lake and will occasionally pull a tube or skier. The first thing I will do is thoroughly test them on the water and check out all the mechanics and take care of any maintenance. I will also be purchasing a Clymer book and a shop manual if I can find one. I would like to start off with the proven upgrades. So if these were your skis what would you do to modify them? What parts are important to replace or upgrade on skis of this age? Can I get a list of mods so I can start to research?


    1997 Polaris SL 900

    mods, replacement parts, upgrades?

    1996 Polaris SLX 780

    mods, replacement parts, upgrades?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rickreeves1 View Post
    1997 Polaris SL 800

    mods, replacement parts, upgrades?

    SL900 !!
    For the SL900 you could up the compression with 92 octane domes. You could also add some aftermarket reeds such as V force II's . A hot seat waterbox will make it sound really sweet, but will piss off people on the lake (maybe). A jetworks valve is a good idea that helps your acceleration.

    There are a bunch of other mods you can do too that will help handling and ride. I have never messed around with them much, but rides plates, intake grates and experimenting with other impellers are all great ways to get more holeshot, top end, or whatever you are looking for.

    As for replacement parts, most should still be available from Polaris for a few years, and there is quite the network of people here that can get parts for you.

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    Had a 96 SL900 that ran 60 mph. It was a fun ski. They are know for bad ignitions, which costs about $300 to upgrade. If it has the old stator/cdi, it's only a matter of time before it bites the dust...just something to be aware of.

    As far as mods-If you're going to keep it a 900cc, you can bump up the compression a bit and then run a steeper nu-jet prop to gain some acceleration and top end. Unfortunately, I think Hot Seat is out of 92 octane heads for the 900, so you'd have to get a custom set made or buy used. Even without the heads, I'd still swap in a nu-jet 6.5 prop.

    What I did/would do:
    92 octane heads
    6.5 nu-jet prop
    R&D 650 intake grate
    run a modified Virage batwing rideplate (will gain you 1mph on top)
    6 vane pump stator
    5 deg. wedge (porpoising could be an issue here)
    carbon fiber reed petals (cheaper than VForce and nearly as effective on a 900)

    These few things should have that thing running like a top.

    Don't know much about the Fuji motors (780), but the intake grate, ride plate, and wedge, will all benefit it as well, and the parts are interchangeable between the two.
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