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    TCW 3 Fully Synthetic Oel ?

    TCW 3 Fully Synthetic Oel ? which one did you guys use ?

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    no one ????

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    TCW3 Is made for outboard motors. I'd use Amsoil like stated above, or a plethora of many other performance 2 stroke oils. I've always liked the smell and performance of Klotz but the chit is expensive..

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    You can't go wrong with klotz r-50 and amsoil. Others are happy with Penzoil synthetic.

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    I only use Amsoil or Lukas Marine . 10-40 Syn. I do however, change oil frequently. About every 20 hours or so. It always comes out pretty clean. I only beef is that I can not get more than 4 qts. out no matter what I do. Steve Lee

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