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    Power rpm and speed varies

    Hi new to pwc loving rxp-X 255 its like riding a road bike but on water
    Great forum very helpful and imformative
    Got a problem
    Rxp fluctuates and surges from 6500 to 7400 as you swerve and turn bars
    Tight right handers pulls hard
    Tight left handers bogs badly
    Fresh fuel 98octane
    Fresh plugs
    Blower hoses tight
    Blower impeler wont spin by hand
    Wear ring looks like needs changing
    Frustrated lol
    Will check
    Boost pressure
    Fuel pressure
    Charge voltage
    Not sure what else may be related
    Thx in advance pep

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    Hi just pulled ski apart to start checking
    where is best place to fit boost guage
    where is best place to fit fuel pressure guage
    thx Pep

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    There's a fitting on the fuel supply line going to the fuel rail. Boost gauge is hooked to the intake manifold. There's a small nipple sticking up towards the front top side of the manifold. You'll have to drill it out. 1/16th I think it is. If the problem only happens when you turn the bars, id check the throttle cable.

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    Is that 1 of the 4 cast nipples on top of manifold
    It does it randomly and often but turning bars left seems to get it back on power and up to 7400
    Steering cable seems clear of throttle
    It was suggested that scored wear ring can cause same
    Almost seems boost or fuel pressure related
    Thx for reply

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    Turning hard left loads the much more than right. Should't be that noticeable on that ski though.

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    Even going flat out in a straight line rpm picks up as you swerve from centre to right
    so wierd

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    Check out fuel pressure while under power out on the water and supercharger clutch slip.

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    Just did some checking
    fuel pressure good
    supercharger cannot spin by hand
    intercooler leaks water into tb while running
    pulled hose off tb ran engine and water sprays out hose
    now to pull ic out and pressure test
    any suggestions on replacement

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    Fizzle GenX for replacement. If you want a good used OEM I will sell you the one from my 08 T-X. RR

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    And I have a slightly used OEM intercooler that I will give you for free, just pay shipping. Basically brand new. Came off my stock 2015 RXPX 260 with 50 hours. About to have 2 of them actually.

    Let me know, glad to help.

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