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    Stiff Mikuni Diaphrams

    What would a stiff diaphragm do to a mikuni? I was messing with a non Polaris set and had one out of 2 that was in tack but not very flexible! Thanks Z

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    I would certainly think you are not going to get the correct fuel volume/pressure with a unit that doesn't give full travel.
    I imagine it like a bicycle pump getting 1/2 a pump, it'll take twice as long to fill the tire with air.

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    Cool! The ski was running fine but seemed to act up at higher throttle! I havent ridden it yet but I can't help but to rip into it first! lol! Thanks Birthday Boy! Z

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    Z, if they are stiff, change them. yami's run stupid high popoff, like 70psi, and a hard diaphram will make the popoff effectively higher. are they genuine mikuni's with the red aluminum nipple or cheapies?

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    They were real Mikuni's! the ski sat a while so I have some new Mikunis diaphragms to swap in! I was noticing the crazy pop off pressures! Thanks Addicted! Z

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