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    Changes from 2011/12 Ultra 300X to the 2013 Ultra 300X

    Looking at the possibility of buying a 2013 Ultra 300X, and I wanted to know if there were any major changes for the 2013 model year. Mainly engine internals, pump, electronics, etc. that would have improved reliability. The list I found here on GH show the following and wanted to make sure it was correct.

    piston rings
    exhaust valves
    inside oil cooler
    pump shaft
    steering nozzle
    boarding step
    throttle cable
    steering cable
    instrument cluster
    ECU - new part# for austrailian market
    +some new hoses and clapms

    Any information would be good. Thanks

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    Well here's what I know as some of the idems you listed are the same at least the part #s are the same ...

    Piston rings .. Yes more durable rings

    Exhaust valves ... Not sure might have change to nickel plated part # is different

    Inside oil cooler .. Not sure if significant change in cooling definitely no additional cooling line added heat transfer might have been improved

    Pump shaft... Nah part # the same no different unless someone has some hard info

    Steering nozzle .. Again same part # don't believe there's any change

    Boarding step.... That's a new one nope I believe the same but if any difference nothing to get excited about

    Throttle cable... I believe again the same as the 2011

    Steering cable...I believe again the same as the 2011

    Instrument cluster... I believe there are some slight cosmetic changes

    ECU ... Yes there's a change not sure if traction control or timing

    Hoses... They say their better quality , I just upgraded myself to the best ones I can find

    Here are some noticeable and significant changes ..

    Catch can... Designed to catch more oil slug and not go back into oil pan

    Exhaust filter... Designed much better with pins to correctly install and be flush and a center hole in the honey comb fins to have better exhaust gas leaving and not create heat build up and at same time catch moisture from working its way back to the valves

    Trim motor on right side ... In the front bucket they moved it from left to right to I believe balance the weight of ski from one side to the other..

    If anyone wants to add feel free as Im all familiar with the 2011..

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    Thanks for the Info Jetdave. I am picking one up in a couple weeks. Just sold the RXT 255 IS, and the 3D is hopefully going this weekend. Out with the old and in with the new

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