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    01 GTX starter problems

    Having issues with a 2001 GTX... carburated 947 motor. This is what it is doing...

    Put the DESS key on the post... get two beeps... push the starter button; hear the starter relay click... nothing (starter motor does not turn; etc). Testing I have done:

    1) Checked the starter relay - even got a new one. Still not working - I do get current to it when I push the start button and it does click and the internal connection is made - current is flowing through it. Both the old and new starter relay are doing the same thing.

    2) I can jump the terminals on the starter relay and the motor will crank like it should.

    3) The battery is new and fully charged.

    At this point I am wondering if my starter cable is bad (more resistance than obvious) or maybe the starter is bad. Maybe the relay is causing just enough of a drop in voltage to not let it crank?

    Thoughts? Before I start throwing parts at it, would like to have a rough idea as to what might be causing it...


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    Something isn't right. Did you check the voltage out of the relay when you hit the start button? Also check the voltage at the control input side of the relay. When you press the start button, do you get 12v at the connector? Cant be cables as it turns over when you jump the relay.

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