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    how do i flush a ski that i cant start

    how do i flush a ski that i cant start i just got back from the beach and i have brokin my rxp so i dont want to start of fear that i will damage it more

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    well, the only way I can think of, hmmmmm, is to remove the 2 small hoses, 1 on top, and 1 on bottom, on the exhaust manifold side where the exhaust pipe is connected. make yourself some kind of adapter to go from garden hose to one of them small hoses. temporarily block off the other small hose, the water will flow thru the waterbox and out the exhaust outlet at the end. one prob is you wont be able to properly blow out the water from the box with out exhaust pressure. You might be able to blow air through there if you have a compresser, but I wouldn`t go full pressure, dial it down around 90 psi or so...PR...

    wait to see if anyone else has a better idea...

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    ok i will thanks for your help

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    What happened to your ski?...PR...

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    How do I flush.........

    Yikes, sounds like a predicament I myself have been in. Can you get your ski fixed really really fast so that you can start it and do the flushing within a day or two? Seems that it would take some time to corrode enough to seize. A scary gamble for sure but guess thats just the chance you (and I) take when riding in salt water vs. fresh.

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