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    2010 FX HO Project

    New project just arrived today. 2010 FXHO. PO allowed water into the cylinders before storage so the crank is seized. I was planning on pulling the head in the ski, is this doable without engine removal? Everything seems pretty straight forward except the timing chain/cam removal. Any pointers to share on how to realign/set timing? I've only done head installs on the MR1 off this ski. This 1.8 is new territory for me.

    Back to the garage!

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    Head removed no problem while in hull. Aside from the obvious, two bolts under intake manifold connecting to supports need to be removed. One bolt at the rear of the exhaust connecting to the block needed to be removed as well.

    Water intrusion while parked is a killer! If they just pulled the plugs and blew it out it would have been fine.

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    I can machine up to 1mm over on a stock 2010 FX HO correct? I'm assuming this is similar in construction to the MR1. Thanks.

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