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    Newbie who purchased a 1995 Polaris SL750 and have some questions

    I picked up a Polaris SL750 with trailer for $800. I checked the compresion and its 120 psi across the board. I was told that these were known to burn a hole in the piston and that there was a way to correct it. Can someone tell me how to prevent this from happening in the future? Also the LED screen and trim did work before and now it's not. Can someone tell what I can troubleshoot to maybe get it working again without replacing them? Thanks


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    The early Fuji powered engines have an issue with running lean.
    I'd replace all the fuel line, they are probably swollen and kinked "over" after all these years.
    Replace the fuel pump, I prefer the triple outlet (better distribution of fuel) or 780 pump.
    Replace the Fuel selector valve, they are famous for restricting fuel flow.

    As for the MFD, check the power supply to the MFD (red/purple wire) if you don't have the 12 volts, split the electrical box and check the 1/4 amp fuse.

    I don't think your trim will work until the engine is running as the LR23 has to supply the 12 volt source to the trim switch.

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    Thanks for the information on my questions. I had an idea about some of those questions and just wanted to verify everything!!!

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    Let us know if you need anything.

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