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    FXHO (6b6) thicker head gasket available????

    Does anyone know if any manufacturer does a thicker head gasket for the FXHO 6b6 motor. Dealing with a slightly over skimmed block that is causing piston to head contact.
    Block had to be skimmed as the owner used a pry bar to lift the head off when stripping the motor.

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    I'll yield on the thicker gasket question - IDK. But that head was likely a loss the moment they grabbed that crowbar. What a shame.

    I fully understand your noble attempt at trying to save the head, but in the interest of constructive-criticism, hind-sight one might have considered first adding a bead of weld to the damaged surfaces - then shaving just those back down to oem spec. I have done this myself with exhaust manifold parts by TIG'ing (filling) the voided areas. FWIW, FXHO's already having the highest compression ratio in that engine class, even if you had gotten away with the piston clearance, with the reduced cylinder volume you might have had to run strictly high-test fuels from now on.

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