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    Hoist Kept Suspension Skis

    Here in South Florida, I keep my ski on a pivoting hoist that swings the ski from on top of the dock to over the water. It stores the ski level and I notice that water gets trapped under the top deck, I need to know how much water that can be as the lift is rated for 1200 lbs and the bare ski full of fuel has got to be 1100 plus. And NO the cover is NOT 100% rain tight, and we can get 2 inches in an afternoon storm during the monsoon season. Do I need to load it up on the trailer, drive to the mountains so I can push it off a cliff?

    And NO, this area would only drain into the bilge once the water built up to a high level.

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    My OEM Seadoo cover (also sprayed with water repellent) does a very good job of keeping rain out. It's not 100%, but after heavy rains, I have very little water in the footwells.

    I'd say get a new cover first and see if that helps.

    I had an Empire aka Budge cover prior and it needing replacing after 2 years and was no where near water proof as advertised.

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    Not sure how much water your foot wells can trap, but I can clear mine with about two empties of my 3.5 gal shop-vac. So that's roughly 7 gallon of water or just under 60 lbs. So weight not so much the issue. I'd be more concerned with stagnant water and water stains.

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    TB, Xspook
    Thanks for your replies!

    The ski is 2017 260S, New Cover, I was thinking ahead to the summer monsoon season here in SWFL. The small amount of water retained after I washed the ski was probably less than 3 gallons, but I was very careful to not point the hose spray under the top deck. I am having a special "Tent" made that will cover the ski but not touch it that is made from aluminum tubing and the material used to make boat canopies, our last canopy over the big boat lasted 13 years constant in the sun.

    The use of the shop vac to remove trapped water was a great idea, I had only come up with a drill powered pump or using lots of boat towels pushed down under the deck and then pulled out and wrung out. Will definitely do that, before sliding the "tent" over the ski. It will kind of look like the Motorcycle sheds that are available, but much more heavy duty.
    Will post a pic when it gets installed next week sometime.

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    Some guys use a leaf blower to 'evacuate' the accumulated water. Makes for some wet spray but it does do the job of clearing the water out.

    There is some technique to doing it without getting rather wet yourself, but entirely doable.

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    K447, Thanks!!
    That is an absolutely wonderful idea, have a blower already on the dock in a dock box, just grab it and go! I would do this just after flushing and washing the ski off after a ride!

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    K447 - you've earned yet another +1 for that !
    FWIW, I've been leaf-blowing my motorcycles dry for years - now I'll be doing the same for the ski as well

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