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    Stock reeds vs Carbon reeds

    First post on here. Im rebuilding a 66v. Plans so far, ADA head 170psi,dplate/chip,riva flame arrestors,re-jet, accelerator pump delete,oil block off. When i did tore it down i noticed the reeds were damaged. I saw on a website that said if i replace them with carbon reed pedals i need to replace the stuffers as well.Is this right? If so can i replace them with stock ones? Ive ordered most of the parts i need but $350 for stuffers is not in my budget.

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    Don't bother with reed stuffers - they do very little. Replace the stock reeds if you can't afford to get the Vforce 3 reeds

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    I've heard the stock last longer than the Carbon ones. Also that the performance for recreational riding isn't that much of a difference to justify the spend. All depends on your budget and how often you wanna replace them.

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