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    XP Limited Color Scheme Help

    So I sold my 95 XP and picked up a 99 XPL from my buddy. He bought it as a hull and everything in it is brand new OEM BRP parts all the way to the crank. It only has 4 hours on it, has a new seat cover, and that's why I bought it. Nice and minty. I picked it up for $2k, is that a fair price? Seemed more than fair to me.

    So as we all know the XPL has a mix of silver, yellow, and black and in my opinion it looks too busy. In all my vehicles I try to stick to two primary colors (I.e. Black and chrome, black and yellow, etc.) I am planning on removing all decals on the top side that are silver and the replacing the decal on the silver portion of the hood with something cleaner looking.

    I do not want to take away from the XPL look but I want it to look cleaner, but not like the 787 model. Here are the two things I was thinking.

    1. Paint all silver pieces black and then go to a black/yellow seat cover. I would probably leave the very top hood piece yellow tonite in and not be so black.

    2. Paint all the black pieces yellow. So the upper and lower hood yellow and middle black and the side tie off (what's it called) yellow as well. I feel like they may be too much yellow.

    Can I get some input here? The rub rail down will remain black with yellow logo and I would like to get some hydroturf, and maybe some colored grips depending on the scheme. Do we all think removing the dated tribal esque graphics would clean it up?

    I need some opinions here. Leaving performance alone but wanting it to look nice!

    Here's the canvas:

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    Here is my '99 XPL...I sold it since. Same black/yellow theme as your photo edit.

    Always hated the wedding cake plastic hood but such a fun ski. Its a great jumper too...20ft air straight jumps or 180-nose stabs. Best of all, they are chop monsters!

    BTW: If I wasn't in love with the advantages of gelcoat, I would have painted top white. Truthfully, I hate anything yellow.
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    That looks nice, I wasn't sure about so much black as I wanted to keep the yellow seat cover if possible.

    I got got a great deal on it and it's a brand new oem

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