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    2003 gp1300r issues

    Hey guys new here. Recently bought a 2003 gp1300r. Ran fine when I purchased it. First time in the water and the engine light came on displaying code 22. Was still running ok. Put new plugs in that night gapped at 1.1 and took it out the next day and it ran beautifully for 20 minutes then hated life and started running like a dog. Eventually popped up with code 53. Let it cool down and limped it home. Drained fuel and filled it up with fresh stuff and took it out yesterday. Now it wont I go over 4500rpm and wont go over 35kmh. Pulled the cat off this morning but it already has a d plate installed but no chip. Just had the original sensor plugged in which is bent.

    Seeking some advice as im absolutly stumped as to why its doing this thanks heaps

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    Hello Phill GP1300 guy. I no longer have my GP1300, however there are still some very good GP1200 & 1300 tuners out there and would be glad to offer up some help. Hang in there.

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