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    new motor mounts, perfect motor alignment, still busting bearing housings! major leak

    99 Ultra 150 has been through 3 bearing housings since I first replaced the original. The motor mounts are in great condition, the motor was aligned near perfect on the last bearing house installation, and the jet pump is also in good condition (nothing rattles or feels unsecured). I'll provide a full recap of my misadventures:

    Initial recognition of leak: Found water in the hull so I rode around with the seat off to spot leaks at idle and full rpm. Discovered water to be coming in from bearing housing near shaft.
    1st attempt at bearing housing replacement: Purchased a new bearing housing and installed it, not knowing engine must be perfectly aligned. After maiden voyage the bearing housing broke open, water poured in. Bearing housing appeared to tear by being pushed from behind until rubber ripped.
    2nd replacement: Carefully aligned the motor this time. Maiden voyage, water starts pouring in. I discover a busted motor mount. Bearing housing torn in a similar manner from first break.
    3rd replacement: New motor-mounts, engine aligned even more carefully. Again, bearing housing busts in a similar manner from the last 2. It appears as if its been pushed from behind, although each time the rubber has torn at the top of the bearing housing and not the bottom.

    I was told something about the jet pump potentially being a factor. Something about bad bearings causing the shaft to push on the bearing housing? That being said, I'm not sure how the shaft could push perpendicular against a bearing while passing through it? Please help! And thanks for reading this far. The pictures are of the most recently busted bearing housing. Note, all bearing housings have broken in a similar way. Torn at the top bolts, pushed from behind.
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    Welcome aboard, Dribiedrab!

    That's getting expensive about now, isn't it?

    How are you aligning it? I bolt the engine in and spin the crank with the starter to see if there appears to be any problem with the drive coupling. Then, put silicone sealant on the bearing holder and bolt it up. I get the bolts snug, but I don't fully tighten them until the sealant has cured.

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    Driveshaft not true or out of tolerance?

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    Hey Steve, thanks, and yes its getting to be a handful. I'd been aligning it exactly as you said minus waiting for the sealant to cure before securing the bearing holder. I'd align the motor as best I could, turn the motor over a couple times allowing the bearing holder to spin around the driveshaft, then realign. What is the coupler supposed to look like when aligned? Any way you could find a pic? I saw another forum where a discussion of the coupler alignment seemed pertinent. The coupler is the only thing I haven't received any guidance on. Still not sure how that could cause the bearing holders to break n the way they have been. Thanks so much for your help.

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    Spade, That sounds like a thing. Please elaborate. What does it mean for the shaft to be out of tolerance?

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    shaft is bent perhaps.

    you need a couple of "V" blocks and a dial gauge to check the runout

    but before you pull the engine to get the shaft out....

    where are these bearing holders coming from?

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    Pete, The rubber used on the replacement bearing housings is slightly less dense then the OEM I pulled from the ski (they looked cheaper). I think that may also be a variable. I'm going to be purchasing from a different business in the future. I'll definitely check the shaft for any slight abnormalities. Also, in regards to the shaft, I would turn over the motor and watch it spin to align engine before securing bearing housing and never noted any double vision when looking at the shaft. It looked free of naked eye defect.

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    did you follow the service guide for motor alignment, it involves checking the clearance on the rubber damper.

    This _should_ be pretty simple.

    Have a good look at the pump shoe too..there's only a couple of things that can fubar a kaw driveline an improperly installed pump shoe is one of em.

    Just for grins, double check that the engine is still secure on the mounts. one bad mount-two bad mount, threee and four.

    I've got a WSM bearing holder ( no bearings) I can sell for cost + PM shipping @ cost. PM me for details

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    How many hrs are you putting on these holders? I have gone through a few on my ultra, one being warranty from wsm. There is a billet support made to stop the tearing of the rubber, next carrier i do i will install one.

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    Didn't follow the service guide. pump shoe looks fine. I wouldn't imagine it would have gone bad or become misaligned. I haven't touched it since I've had the ski. I'll take a look at it though. I'll find a service guide next time. Definitely interested in the WSM bearing holder. will PM. Hours I've put on the bearing holders were about 1 before they busted. Motor mounts are solid.

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