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    GP1200R question


    I have an opportunity to purchase a pair of matching 2001 GP1200R. Both are in almost mint condition, with less than 100 hours on each.

    Both skis have no mechanical issues and come with a shorelander double trailer. Impellers are in good shape.

    Anything i should watch out for?

    Is this a good deal at $6500 USD?

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    That's a fairly steep price. Anticipate that within a yr of riding you'll probably end up putting 1-1.5k into them together.
    Carb rebuild done right is at least $200 per if you do the work yourself. $300 per if you rejet per the norm following Oside recipe that's tried and true.
    There's a list of PM type things to do on those that adds up. 16yr old skis w that low hrs have sat a lot and they don't really like to spend a lot of time unused. Are you a two stroke mechanic, or willing to learn to be?
    You could get extremely lucky and ride them another 100 hrs, chances are against that before your turning wrenches and getting out your wallet.
    5k would be a better deal. Even though they look pretty, you'll have to go through them w a fine tooth comb due to the age.
    Others may chime in w more thoughts. The gpr is a very fun ski, but they are two-stroke and as with most 2s they like to be wrenched on. I would rise them in the water under a load before even thinking about it. Running on a trailer is a lot different than actual riding performance. And of course a compression test, look for 115-120 w minimal variance between the jugs.

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    I cuncur with Jeff....5k max for those machines, and you will have to spend lots on them. All the ones I have gotten hold to have had nothing done to them, and the reliability updates run about 750 per ski. I wouldn't own one without doing the mods to it.

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    Agree with others on maintenance. If you are patient, for that price range you can pickup a pair of 4-stroke VXs, and with a little maintenance will be far more reliable.


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