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    My sportster throttle adjustment issue?

    Am I just concerned about nothing?

    I am trying to regain (?) low speed throttle control in reverse where the throttle throw is mechanically restricted at the throttle lever.

    Currently in reverse I move the throttle forward 2 inches and there is no engine response. HOW MUCH engine respsone in reverse DO YOU HAVE? How many RPMs do you get at full throttle in reverse? Am I concerned over nothing?

    I have tried adjusting the throttle cable but can't go to far or else I could damage the throttle body when moving the throttle lever too WOT (full throw). Does the throttle lever have a throw adjustment?
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    Mine has a little play in the throttle control also , and i have adjusted a little of the play out by slightly bending the throttle cable bracket at the throttle body.. (i did not want to ajust it at the nut end because this could void warranty as it is marked with a paint pen)

    It is normal to have a little play, you need some because the cables are not tied down and can move and will or could pull on the throttle cable (kinda hard to explain over the internet)

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    Throttle Adjustment

    Thats not a paint pen that is a form of locktite. They put a dab of it on there so the nut won't back off and come loose.

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    I too thought it was an anti tamper marking - since my warrantee is almost up and I'm gonna be hauling the boat up the the cabin and leaving it there I figured what the hay- adjust it.

    So, how much throttle do you guys get in reverse? Max RPM?


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