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    Well I guess I just like Sea Doo :-)

    Traded in my 2012 RXP-X 260 and 2012 RXT-X 260 in mid December after I put them both in the water and they both had massive engine and jet pump issues after being stored away for one year. Construction did not allow me to come down to FL for a year so when I finally came back I conveniently had dead skis. Took delivery of the new skis at the end of my visit in December so I could not ride:
    2016 RXP-X 300 and 2017 RXT-X 300. That is what they had in stock and here they are in the garage the morning I was leaving.

    I was down Jan 20 - 24 riding and breaking them in. Had a family friend riding the RXT-X with me and to help me put hours on the skis. We put 7 hours on each ski using only the Learning Keys so we would stay within the break-in procedure parameters. At 7 hours I popped on the Normal Key on both skis and gave them a couple of brief full throttle accelerations as per the owners manual. Here is me on my RXP-X 300.

    I took them out of water on 23rd, flushed them, rinsed them out and did the storage/winterizing steps even though I'll be back down in mid-March. Sent them off to my local detailer for a thorough wash and wax before having them put away until I come back.

    I ride down in Palm Beach, FL. I stick to the channel of Lake Worth and West Palm Beach and like to head out to the ocean for a bit from Boynton inlet. Hit me up if you are in the same area, always looking for people to ride with!
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    Soflariders will be riding tomorrow in the key, hit me up if u rvinteres but we r leaving early

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    Sorry forgot to mention, will be back down in Mid-March. I am from NJ. Have a great ride.

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    I like your style! I picked up a '17 RXT-260 last fall to keep at my vacation home on Fort Myers Beach. There's nothing like riding in the ocean. I feel like I should mention that breaking the machines in on the learning key is not prescribed in the owners manual. The ECU will limit the power output for the first 5 hours or so and the manual states to vary throttle positions with the normal key. There is no harm in running it on the learning key, though.

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    Congrats on the new Ski's they look great....

    What sort of issues did you have with your pumps? They should not be affected by long term storage unless they ingested water.

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    pro1200, that is awesome. I stuck with the learning key just so we would be forced to stay within the parameters of the break-in procedure. We were making sure to vary RPM's but that is the easy part.

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    bluestram, I'm not sure on the details. I know the RXP-X 260's exhaust was overheating so I had to tow that back to the boat ramp with the RXT-X 260. Finally after a few minutes, the motor just refused to start back up again and was throwing multiple codes. The RXT-X 260 had a dead LCD display, and the engine was in limp mode, not revving over 4K RPM because of some kind of jet pump issue. Really I had nothing but problems with both skis since literally day one. Both skis suffered from leaking inter-cooler which leaked water into the engine of the RXP-X 260. Sea Doo literally had to replace the entire motor of the RXP 260 with only 17 hours on the clock.

    I was smart this time though. I purchased an extended warranty through the dealership for both skis, $1,000 each where they cover literally anything that happens to the skis after the Sea Doo one-year warranty has passed. Warranty on this dealership's extended warranty expires in 2021 which is when I will trade them both in for new skis. I know people who work on their own skis will scoff at me for doing this, but I am not down there to work on my own skis and perform my own maintenance.

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    That's a good strategy Elussive. After the issues I had with my '14 RXT-260 I vowed never to own a Sea-Doo that doesn't have a factory warranty in effect on it. They are fantastic riding and performing machines but they have issues if they're used extensively in the rough ocean.

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