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    Replacing jet pump bearings

    Looking for your input. I just purchased a 2008 Yamaha FX SHO with 82 hrs. It's been well maintained and runs really well. In the last two years it has only run about 10 hours. I'm wondering if I should replace the jet pump bearings? I'm going on a 555 mile trip around southern Florida. I also have a 300X that I love. It has 130 hrs and has been totally trouble free. I'm thinking of getting the jet pump bearings replaced on both prior to taking them to Florida. Would appreciate your thoughts on whether to replace bearings on both machines. Thx

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    A bearing will far out last a ski if taken care of properly, its the seals failing that causes a bearing to go bad. If u wanna fix something thats not really broken, then i would do just seals...

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    On the trailer flush do your hear any grinding noises don't be mistaken by the rattling that's the splines in the shaft/ prop ...Just might be time anyway to change them out...Do you plan on changing the bearings and seals yourself 130 hrs is about right that is when I did mine , if you do it yourself you'll need around $70-75 in oem parts no need for new pump shaft you can use a press or oversize sockets to hammer out then new in ...

    I have a thread on a 300 pump rebuild if your interested

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    If you're going to replace the seals, I would also replace the bushing. This provides the surface that the seals ride on.

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