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    Opinions on a 2016 stx-15F?

    I've owned nothing but seadoos since I started riding pwc. I've since got tired of working on them and am now entertaining the idea of purchasing my first new watercraft. The stx 15f has caught my eye because of the power for the price. For the price range it's also the sharpest looking ski in my opinion. Just wanting to see if anyone has opinions on these skis. I'm finding several "leftover" 2016 on sale so that's why I'm not asking about the 17. Thanks in advance

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    One of the most reliable and trustworthy craft out there. Good speed, handles rough water well,(goes predictably where you point it) not a lot of maintenance but be ready for a lot of riding.
    2004's still out there running strong.

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    A ski that runs 60mph would be fine. Sure I'd love a supercharged 75mph thrasher but I'm really not into paying 16k for something I use 4 months out of the year lol

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    Yeah the 15F is sweet. Like everyone else has said, it is great all around and will do 60 and fuel burn is really good too.

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    It's an OK ski...Just rather dated...Hasn't changed much since 2004....

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    Dated maybe, but looks sharp as hell with Kawi green/black color combo.

    Also relatively bulletproof, not much to go wrong. I consider that extremely important when I'm out by myself in the middle of the bay!

    But what would I know LOL, I drive a Jeep with manual windows & door locks, 6 speed manual transmission, and only 2 doors!!!

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    What they said,
    My buddy and I bought our skis at the beginning of last summer, he a seadoo (whatever is the base model just above a spark), me the 15f.
    The 15f is faster, more agile, and better on fuel
    The Seadoo has the internal cooling and the water brake

    While I like the internal cooling and the water brake, nothing beats flat out acceleration and top speed over your buddy, AND I can stay out longer.

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    It has it's problems. Most occur after several years of ownership. The aluminum exhaust pipe will rot off eventually at the flex coupling when used in salt water. The instrument cluster will often fracture and fail under hard use in the ocean chop if not dealt with. Some maintenance access is difficult like say for the drive shaft hull bearing. The engine cooling passages will develop deposits by nature. It rides ruff in the chop compared to other hull designs however it does accelerate better than many with similar horsepower. That being said, it is a decent ski and will serve well even though there are better, modern choices out there. It's a very dated design with basically cosmetic changes over the years.

    Best statement:
    It's an OK ski...Just rather dated...Hasn't changed much since 2004...
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