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    need main wire harness connector

    I am having electrical issues in the main connection. The one that you unplug to get the top deck off.

    There is a bit of corrosion in there and one connector looks real bad I tried cleaning it and it works ok for now but I think I would like a fresh plug.

    I haven't been able to find just the plug itself.

    I'd like to just buy the both ends of the plug and plug the wires into it. Is there a kit there for that?

    Only thing I have seen is the maintenance extension cord. I was thinking it may be possible to just use that and splice into the harness but Id hate to have all those splices

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    If the pins are still solid then I'd get a cleaning kit and you should be fine. If it's to far gone you'll need plugs with pigtails so you can splice it. You can't just unplug the wires and put them into a new plug.

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    Happened on mine recently too, I had the fuel sensor going off for no reason.

    Turned out the fuel sensor pins were corroded, make sure you check the rubber seal which will need pulling out with some tweesers, mine had perished and had a tear in it which was allowing salt water into the harness thus causing the corrosion.

    I have since cleaned the pins and added deelectric grease and replaced the rubber seal and all good.

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    Thats IT!!!NICE!!thanks

    Any idea what the tool is the pull/push the new pins in? I am thinking I will probably need that too.

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    I think they sell them too just look on site or use a pin

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