I am trying to get a early start on the seadoo season this year because I was out for almost half last season due to needing to change my stator and a cracked hull so this year I want to make sure everything is in working order before summer hits. As I said earlier I cracked my hull and as I took it back to the dock the hull was about half full of water so I originally assumed it was the crack but after further research I have realized that there is two layers of fiberglass so the crack is probably not what made the hull fill with water. My next guess is that since I was working on my stator and had my drive shaft out it is probably the carbon seal at the end of last season to test the leak I put some water in the hull around the carbon seal and none leaked out I would like to test it before it warms up enough to put it in so I can get it fixed and not miss another half of season. Does anybody have any recommendations on how to pinpoint the leak/problem and hopefully get it fixed before the season hits?