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    2017 Triple Crown of Offshore

    Here are the dates for the 2017 Triple Crown of Offshore (TCO) :

    Round # 1 - Dana Point to Oceanside & Back - Sunday, May 21st
    Round # 2 - LB2CAT - IJSBA Offshore National Championships - Sunday, July 9th
    Round #3 - Dana Point to Seal Beach & Back - Sunday, September 24th

    For each round of the 2017 TCO there must be a minimum of 25 riders, pre-registered & paid, three weeks prior to each race for the race to happen. Note: The race entry must include payment. Monies will be refunded if race is cancelled.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email or call (310) 318-4012


    Ross Wallach, Race Director MH300
    1803 Morgan Lane
    Redondo Beach, Ca 90278
    (310) 318-4012

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    Pre-registered list for Round #1 Dana Point to Oceanside & Back
    CLASSES Name Boat # Manf.
    Pro/Am Open Mark Gerner 58 Kaw U 300X
    Pro/Am Open Mike Klippenstein 212 Yam
    Pro/Am Open Sean Conner 711 Yam SVHO
    Vet/Master Michael McCormack 777 Kaw 310R
    Vet/Master Jeff Lane 83 Kaw U 310
    Vet/Master Paul Pham 99 Kaw 300 X
    4 Stroke N/A Open Don Adams 86 Yam FX HO
    Mfg. Stock Dennis Johnson 234 Yam FX SVHO
    Mfg. Stock Charles Anderson 212X Yam SVHO
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    It is with regret to announce that Dana Point to Oceanside is cancelled due to low participation. We had 11 pre-registered entries by yesterday's (Sunday April 30th) deadline.

    I have attached the entry form for this years LB2CAT to this post. Please note the deadline to pre-register is June 26th. If we don't have 25 pre-registered entries by June 26th the race will be cancelled and no further races will be scheduled.

    Note: No CC will be run prior to 6/26/17. If the minimum participation is not met all entry forms will be destroyed.

    Those that pre-registered for Dana Point to Oceanside can elect to have their pre-registration moved to LB2CAT scheduled for July 9th or I can shred the entry form. Please email me back which you desire if this applies to you.

    If you have any questions or for more information, please feel free to email or call at your convenience.


    Ross Wallach, PresidentRPM RACING ENTERPRISES
    1803 Morgan Lane
    Redondo Beach, CA 90278
    (310) 318-4012

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails LB2CAT_EntryForm17.PDF  

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    Has something changed to reduce the race participation numbers?

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    Honestly I don't know. Last year we had similar issues but it was too late to cancel so it went forth at my personal expense. It is what it is. The racers have to want to go racing, if they don't want to race then it's over. There's a lot of ideas but realisitically it boils down to "want" and if there's not enough that "want" then it doesn't make sense to continue. I've been promoting for the past 18 years and I've seen a lot of "ups and downs" however never this low so I don't really know what to make of it. It sucks but it is what it is.

    Ross Wallach

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