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    2010 fx sho or new 2017 vxr

    Hey Guys,

    Been looking alot into the new VXR wondering if i should sell my fx sho cruiser for one dont have the coin to front up for the fxsho 2017 here in nz.
    I do alot of ocean riding etc like speed have heard people say it rides just as well in ocean some say its much worse i don't know anyone with one that i could try in surf so just wanting opinions if i should stick with mine and upgrade it or go VXR


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    No Fx SHO 2017 models exist unless you mean the 17 SVHO. Why not a 13 up HO instead? FX hull and same engine as the VXR, plus easier on the pockets. VXR is a smaller craft, I have tried a similiar hull in the ocean with much less power and no trim, it rode relatively well. It's tiny though, The FX is amazing when it comes to storage, Also the glovebox on the vx hulls is crap, I know many GP owners have had theirs pop open and the VX i tried out did the same.

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