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    Bummer. I spent a lot of time reading this thread. Damn I was bored.

    I'm in the market for a 4-stroke. Thinking kawi or Yamaha. But my '99 Polaris 785 pro will always be my baby. It's irreplaceable .....

    OP GPR123, fix the thing and ride it like you stole it.... The smile on your face will be from ear to ear regardless of how many effing strokes the engine does.....

    You haven't ridden any type of "race worthy" boat until you've gotten time on a 785... See what I did there?

    My 785, well She's in pieces ATM, so I'll kindly retreat..... At least I have the SLX (480.3 on the top end) for tricks and laughing at skies 10+ years newer.....

    Fun ='s money. Whether it be fuel, oil, maintenance, repairs. It's kinda really up to you to follow through with it.
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    That's how I feel about my GPR...its go-to partner in crime. I love its smell, its feel...its wobbly shimmy as it comes up on plane. Once GP123 sees the tach of his GPR hit 7300, he will be sold on it.

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    good morning, i see lots of people have been advocating for the 2 stroke experience. after reading these forums a few months thats why i went the same route. I have an older wave venture i got from my brother, i have never worked on any kind of machine before.... after reading the forums i removed, cleaned and rebuilt (and synched as best i could) the triple carbs in less than a week. i don't think this type of self maintenance is possible with a 4 stroke for someone without a lot of experience. he also talks about superchargers.... from what i have seen the cheapest to get them rebuilt is 500$ without shipping so probably 600$ beside oil changes, fuel , filters plugs and other maintenance is like 1000$ a year. and must be done every 100 hours or two years! add that into the 10K+ used price of the gp1800 comes out to a ton of money.

    i now currently own a gp1300r i got for 3000 with under a hundred hours. put a grand into it for stage 2 and boom im close to 70 for 4k. U FIND ME A NICE gp1800 RXPX or ultra310 FOR 4K ILL BUY IT! not possible with a 4 stroke. im buying a JS550. after looking inside the kawi, two cylinder, single carb! what could be more simple than that. watch a few youtube videos you can take that thing down to the nuts and bolts and put it back together super cheap with used parts from this site and ebay. thats literally not possible for someone like me with a 4stroke. and the feeling you get of working with your hands and figuring out how it all works inside, theres nothing like it!

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    Still a side project and a slow work in progress.......4 years later......... lol time flies.

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    At the end of the day it’s the buyers choice so no point in debating what the person does with their own money that’s their problem not mine. I just need more time to focus on getting mine operational. Anyone check out the @JetskiBrothers channel on YouTube it’s good stuff.

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    As of Today 01/26/20 I see some really good deals on say an 11 year old ski like 2009 Yamaha FZS they are going for around ~$5,999 in my area some modified some stock and well maintained.

    I’m on the side of getting the Yamaha Supercharged style skies like FZR/FZS and would like to purchase one sometime in the future. Regardless buying a GPR 2- stroke engine could serve a purpose as like a recreational Jetski or a loaner for the person into that sort of nostalgia....... but I would find it mad disrespectful if to say if I’m blasting around in a FZR vs someone in say a little yellow seadoo sit down ski from the early 90s, driving up and down the bay and going a little offshore. A little old 90s 2-stroke engine ski wouldn’t hang like that, let alone with an inexperienced rider who is just borrowing the ski what if it breaks down or something........ just saying.

    A really good modified and maintained-regularly GPR from the early to mid 2000s might be the only exception in that scenario; that exception being more and more difficult to come across these days 15-20 years later. Regardless lightly modded YAMAHA FZR or FZS would be pulling on like 99% of those 2000s GPRs and person on the faster ski would have to be looking back and over their shoulders inconveniently ........ how many people enjoy driving their ski partial throttle....... you know? The faster ski rider gonna have to be waiting around and changing their riding style for old ass GPR from the 2000s.

    I understand freshwater lake riders would tend to disagree as their riding conditions are different. I prefer to try and have an optimal machine being that my riding conditions are different then that of a 2-stroke engine jetski that only runs on a lake/freshwater within a given more limited space.
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    Well it’s 2020 and here in Australia ���� there’s lots of blokes buying a GP1200R or a GP1300R and rebuilding them . I’ve helped quite a few and they are happy with a $3000 au ski vs a $25000 au GP1800R that does 70mph . It’s enthusiasts that keep the sport alive .

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