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Thread: Gp1200r bogging

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    Gp1200r bogging

    Hi guys, iv got a gp1200r runs awsome for about 20min then it will bog down and not rev over 4500rpm. Took it home flushed it out and took it out the next day and it ran sweet for 20 min then bogged down again. I did a carb rebuild about a month ago and it been running good up till now. Done a compression test and its all good. So any ideas/help would be awsome.

    Also if you leave your fuel on over night, does the carb have an over flow?? Iv left the fuel on the other day and came back to 1/2 L of fuel in the hull.


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    Just a long shot but my gp1200r did this. It ended up being a blockage in the fuel selector. It wasnt letting enough fuel through.

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    That may be cause of the bogging issue not cause of leak though.

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    Pull the fuel pickup out of the tank and remove the trap door at the bottom. They warp and restrict fuel flow, which causes the bogging.

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    If you have a leak in the fuel system, then it sucks air when it is running. Probably the source of the bogging. Go through each connection to ensure that its tight.

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