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Thread: Bearing Buddies

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    Bearing Buddies

    I'm looking to put some bearing buddies on my trailer for an 05 Sportster SCIC. Can anyone tell me off hand what size I would need for this trailer? Sorry, don't know the manufacturer of the trailer off hand, but I believe all that come with the Sea-Doo boats are the same. Thanks

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    The ones I put on my trailer were 1.980 It's a Karavan but I don't know if all the Seadoo boats come with the same size trailer.


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    Both my previous '03 and the current '05 came with the bearing buddy type set up on them (sure-lube grease system). Are there black rubber caps on the hubs? If so, you simply pull the rubber cap off and then you'll see the zerk fitting.

    Here's a link to a cross sectional view of the sure lube system.

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