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    sl 750 and 780 cdi rev limits

    Hi everyone, This is the first post I've made to GreenHulk. I ride an old 95 sl 750 that I mod on all the time,the list is long, and I'm having a blast, but my question is: Are there differences in the rev limit between the 750 cdi and the 780?
    The reason I ask is: I was running a 780 top end on a 750 bottom with 750 ignition but I swapped in a ported (more than stock) 780 c'case but still have the 750 cdi and now I'm hitting the rev limiter lightly on smooth water. I was pulling about 6590 to 6650 before with a solas 13-19 concord impeller. Does the 780 turn more R's? This is kind of a cool problem to have. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

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    Welcome to the Hulk! Not sure of the answer to your question, howerver a PRO 785 CDI can be made to fit/work in your 750 or 780. It's rev limiter is around 7700 RPMs, with alot more timing. Maybe try that one if you really want to wake up your ski. The wiring procedure to do this is listed in the tech section if you look for it.

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    Hi SPORT WELCOME to the green Hulk Forums!!!

    At 3,000 RPM's the 780 is pulling 28 degrees of advance versus 24 on the 750. So you will feel a better midrange.
    The limiter is the same for both the 750 and the 780 which is roughly 6700RPM so I think the PRO would be a better choice as well but 92 octane will be in order.
    You can also change out the impeller, pull the RPM's down a little bit and maybe even gain a little more top speed.
    Use caution and monitor your pistons.

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    Thanks guys for the help, it sounds like the 785 box will work best for me and I already use premium fuel. As far as the impeller goes I'm running a solas 13-19 now and have great hole shot, the next step is a solas 14-23 will this be too much of a jump? I've tried a Skat 15-20 and lost 600 rpm and was a dog out of the hole.
    But I just got a Wet Wolf Adjust-A-Thrust and can't wait to try it. I think I'll see if I can pull my R's down a little with it but hopefully not over load my motor. Anybody have any experience with these?

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