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Thread: GP1200r Parts

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    GP1200r Parts

    Hi guys, i'm new here and was thinking about purchasing a gp. I was looking at aftermarket parts, specifically an exhaust system, but couldn't find anything. I was also looking for very good holseshot. Any help/advice is appreciated. Thank you!

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    There was a jetworks mod for holeshot. Exhausts will usually cost you so speed off the top end speed. Protec and Riva both offered a stinger at one point.

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    I have a set of factory triple pipes

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    Quote Originally Posted by bendaggs View Post
    Hi guys, i'm new here and was thinking about purchasing a gp. I was looking at aftermarket parts, specifically an exhaust system, but couldn't find anything. I was also looking for very good holseshot. Any help/advice is appreciated. Thank you!

    Don't bite the GP1200/1300R bullit...........Buy a brand new GP1800R leave it stock or map tuner x (upgrade ECU) and impeller pitch/boltons and call it a day.

    D.I.Y. (Do it yourself) Building a Project jet ski costs a lot of time/ money / reading. I made that mistake a year ago (Feb.2016 & project still in pieces), I thought it would be quick and easy I said "3 months tops" ..... thats a slippery slope. If you purchase one make sure it's 2005 and Newer and leave it COMPLETELY stock or do oil block off and plan to sell it sooner than later.

    Adding parts and upgrading stuff is a complete MIND F**K, cause you buy parts you think will make you faster and when they don't you end up having to buy every part so they all work together and these 2 strokes have to be very well built engine/impeller pitch/knit picky tuning and then hull tuning..... It's a nightmare..... carb'd anything is a nightmare cause they get dirty or the fuel gets dirty and then it runs like sh!T etc, STOCK and brand new and 4 stroke and newbish to jet ski is better, you WILL SAVE A Lot of time money and save a lot of 2 stroke headaches/Nightmares, 9 times out of 10 these older Skies have bad resale value and are a Bad investment (there are always those rare exceptions).

    I wish someone with a conscious or me from the future would have came in an explained and said to me save your time and effort and go the Forced Induction 4- stroke route.

    Take it from me it's a bad investment and a waste of your time/effort to learn and reapply all these outdated principles/upgrades/preventative measures. You can double or triple your speed gains with a Forced Induction 4- stroke with way less effort, even a stock one will destroy an old school 2 stroke jet ski in delivery of power and efficiency.

    It sounds like a good idea and investment at first cause of the initial cost and how attractive the prices sound but in the long run your basically shooting yourself in the foot so-to-speak and just pedaling backwards.

    ****Unless you plan on building a little old school stand up trick ski that you can lay on a small bench workshop table and are essentially retired and a jetski connoisseur with a lot of free time and money on your hands, I would run far away from any standup/sit down 2- stroke jet ski get that same money/credit card and put it as a down payment on a brand new 4- stroke supercharged yamaha FZR or GP1800.****

    You don't understand how many hours and note taking it takes to get these 2 strokes reliable and fast. Most and if not all jet ski 2-stroke parts from manufactures like Riva and R&D are discontinued, example of this is: I've called RIVA about one of their parts the 2 stroke "Dominator Manifold" to learn more details about if it would work with my EFI 2-stroke build and the guy didn't know what I was talking about, he didn't even know they had ever made that part , they later contacted one of the "older mechanics" and they said they are sold out and discontinued. Most parts you find online are left over new-old stock.

    Eventually, it will come to a point where you have to buy a fully built 2-stroke Jet ski, if you want something faster than stock, or if you want take off parts for your 2-stroke build, (I think it's better that way) and it would be more cost effective to the buyer and seller (and 2-stroke jet ski builders) that use these products.

    In addition, you can try to copy other peoples mods and still MIGHT not get the same results they did, because there are many other variables in temperature and water conditions etc. that they may have had, 2 stroke tuning can be cumbersome and you need expensive upgraded rare carbs (Used +$300 Mikuni) to run triples pipes (Used +$500) and need to be in the high +7500 rpm range for them to work correctly to be past the 75mph range and with just those two modifications its already more than what the jetski shell hull is worth in the resale market now in 2017.

    Good luck, I hope this helped, I hope you make the right decision, and I am here if you have any questions. Best bet is to save $4,000 or credit card, put 3,000 down on Yamah GP1800 Loan and get a tuner and impeller and you can be in the high +75's low 80's MPH which is more than enough for any beginner (you can fall off and die type of speeds).... they have crazy acceleration too.

    Even renting a supercharged jet ski would be more cost effective in time and money for most people. Some people buy jet skies and leave them sitting cause they get bored or have no one to ride with, but in the 2- stroke case they are worse because of break downs or failures or poor maintenance/maintenance habits-requirments and finicky to bad fluid quality.

    Moderators/ Admin's Can we make this post of mine a Sticky at the top of the 2-Stroke page?
    I think all people looking into the 2 stroke Yamaha Section should know this stuff before they make a bad investment/build decision. They are Cool looking oldschool skies but most people don't realize the type of time/work/effort it takes and it would help everyone in the long run.
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    AMEN.Wish I'd seen this before I bought my XLT.I'm buying a 2016 VXHO Thursday.May have XLT parts for sale soon(PM if interested).2-strokes are really BOATs. BRING ON ANOTHER THOUSAND.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dockwalker View Post
    AMEN.Wish I'd seen this before I bought my XLT.I'm buying a 2016 VXHO Thursday.May have XLT parts for sale soon(PM if interested).2-strokes are really BOATs. BRING ON ANOTHER THOUSAND.
    Well said, but still not a good quote to go by in the GP12/1300R case.... cause I took that quote literally, another thousand isn't that bad if its all said and done and you get an +75mph jet ski for example a $2,000 final price, but in this case, it's more like pay $5,000 in parts or so to get it near 69mph and then pay someone to tune it all for a newb and be lucky if it gets 74-76mph max for like a year (then the engine wears down faster since its running faster and it's back to low 70s again and people are like is 80 psi compression good?) .... to then just be able to only sell it .....a complete GP1300R 75mph jet ski for $2,000 or less in the 2017 buyers market. Cause anyone with over $2,000 disposable would more than likely put it as a down payment on something a new car or in this case a new jet ski. Not to mention these engines wear down faster for the most part making them a perpetual money pit and bad investment.

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    Well it depends where you are.

    Here a new GP1800 is 4-6x the price of a 05+ GP1300R.

    For the same price I could purchase 2 used RXP-X 260's and 2 used GP1300R's

    2 strokes when converted to premix are just as reliable and can be far cheaper to maintain.

    For less than us$1000 one can make a running 05+ GP1300R a 70+ mph ski.

    With regards to fuel consumption, the 4 stroke non NA riding at WOT use more fuel than my 2 strokes.

    GP123, you need to remember you purchased a seized/non running ski with about everything broken. You hemorrhaged money by needing to replacing things like the entire jetpump, engine, rideplate and pump brackets, etc. If you had spent an extra us$500-1000 on a working 05+ in good condition, you would only require an impeller, 4deg timing key, efi, modded rideplate, air filter/arrester, jetworks kit, d-plate, reeds (stuffer + pettals or vf3) and a raised compression head. Again what and if you mod is up to you. Unfortunately you are forced to either mod/repair or replace to get it working. If you had purchased a non running FZR/RXPX you would still be in the same situation. Rather concentrate on getting your ski working and ride it, then mod it or trade it in on another ski. One could keep it as a beater for your friends/family to use.

    Your best bet would of been to use the hull and make a conversion from it, if you wanted forced induction and a 4stroke.

    Honestly I love the GP1300R platform, mainly the handling, compact size and lack of weight.

    I find it therapeutic to work on my skis, building and changing it over time, ie every off season do a few things, this is relaxing and removes stress from my life.

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    I'll preface this by saying that I've sold my GP1300r and purchased a GP1800, but even though that's the case, I have nothing but extraordinary memories of my GP1300r....quite a different experience than GP

    You can purchase one of these running and in excellent condition for a mere fraction of its original cost, or about 18% of the cost of a new GP1800.

    I purchased mine for $3,000 with 62 hours on the clock, only performed mild reliability mods, and was hitting 68-69 MPH regularly on GPS.

    2 years later I had 124 hours on it when my 3rd cylinder went "kaboom". Can't even blame the ski - I made the mistake of letting a friend ride it and she got lodged in seaweed, kept the throttle applied 100%, and overheated it.

    I have moderate mechanical ability at best, and the simplicity of these 2-stroke motors afforded me the ability to tear it down myself, diagnose the problem, and replace the cylinder, piston, and rings without the cost of a mechanic. Total cost of my repair was under $350 and it took me only a couple of hours.

    Within the span of one weekend I was back on the water again enjoying the playful nature of the GP1300r (mind you I already owned a 2013 VXR as this point - but I preferred the GP1300r)

    I just sold it this October for $3,500. If I add in the cost of my engine rebuild, I still profited $150 owning my GP1300r and had two incredible years with it. I even made sure to make friends with the buyer so I can have an opportunity to ride it in the future...I loved it that much.

    There's more to a ski than its speed, and the older GPs had so many endearing characteristics that it will always be a cult favorite. Selling mine was one of the most difficult decisions I ever made.

    In fact, don't be surprised if you see me stalking the forums in the next year or two looking to pick another one up just as a "fun to ride" ski.

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    I agree with many of the comments stated above.... by SpaceMan and Kmaher.

    I had a quite rare situation with mine..... and they are great simple ski's to work on, I still think in the long run though the industry will be full fledged 4-stroke.

    I do picture many Yamaha GP purists in the future rocking a double trailer with one of the old school 2-stroke GP1200/1300Rs and a New 4- Stroke 2017+ GP1800....

    It's a great ski, but I recommend for Jetski Newbs going 4-stroke or at the very least, the 2005+ route, in good condition (psi cylinder check), at a good affordable price and leaving it mainly stock for reliability as a beginner/ back up ski (unless you have the time money and effort to research the 2-stroke GPs thoroughly/pay someone to do it route)... thanks for the great constructive feedback. Cheers.
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    The gpr is a great platform ... whether its a 2 stroke or 4 . My ski owes me $5k less than the cost of a gp1800 . But its mainly a river ski now . Set them up correctly and a gpr is a fun ski ... there are plenty of parts around at great prices .

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