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    08 Sea Doo GTX 155 Question... Speedometer??

    Silly question on this 08 Sea Doo GTX 155... during the season I noticed that the speedometer does not work. Figured I would look into it further at the end of the season (I bought it broken and abused lasts year and got it running although worrying about the speedometer was not, exactly, a priority)....

    My plan was to test the resistance through the speedometer wheel/sensor on the rideplate although when I crawled under the ski... no wheel or sensor... or at least none that I found/saw. Thus, does Sea Doo have a different way that they do this... or is this ski simply lacking a wheel/working speedometer? Maybe this is simply an option to make you feel safer or to contribute to tall tales (honestly, I was doing 95 on the water..).

    Feedback is appreciated.

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    There should be a "speed sensor" located on the stern by the drain plugs as I recall.

    Part number 278001993

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    yep, there it is... on the back of the transom on the starboard side. I was so fixated on the ride plate I did not see it... maybe it was because I was using it as a hand-hold as I was looking under!!!


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