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    Best place to buy an 800cc crank

    I have an engine here with leaky crank seals and I am trying to decided what to do with it and the boat needs it. This engine is actually from a '97 GTX with unknown hours since the meter show blank. The boat that needs it, and lost its engine to the GTX is a '96 GSX. I had the line full of oil and tied up above the engine and in about 2 days I lost a total of about 5 inches of oil.

    Anyway, if I decide to rebuild with a new crank, who has dealt with SBT cranks and what were the results? There are several on ebay all the time, who sells the good stuff at a fair price?

    I've heard everything from "OEM is the only way to go" to "reman. is the same quality for considerably less $$". Just looking for more opinions.

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    I have used SBT cranks, they are fine, as long as it's a stock/semi-stock boat. High RPM's did't like the cranks..

    of course, OEM is the way to go, hot rods are a close second and SBT would be third. Other options is to just send it to crankworks or jetskimechanic and have the existing inner seals replaced.

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    Before you dissasemble the motor refill the lines and run it again. If this was a new build(or when removing the tank) there may have been air in the RV cavity.

    Also, if the seals are leaking the ski will produce excess smoke when running.

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    I have not yet heard this engine run. The way it was explained to me, it was running, started smoking heavily and then stopped running. When I went to look at them there was oil in the crankcase, front and rear. I thought I would be able to pump the oil out and get it to run. But everytime I would hear it fire I would pull the plugs and find that the gap had been closed by an oil bridge. And the more I tried to start, the more oil I saw.

    I finally pulled the engine and opened it. I didn't find any obvious damage that would let the oil leak quickly. I have cleaned everything and apply some gasket maker into the grooves of the oil seals and reassembled. I will pressure test it tomorrow and, if it doesn't hold pressure with the gasket stuff then I will plan on a new or rebuilt crank. If it does hold pressure then I will reinstall and hope for the best. If it had a questionable rod bearing then I would not consider reinstalling but I figure the most I have to loose with the oil seals is the time required to reinstall the engine. +if it hold pressure now, it should how until,,,,?

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