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Thread: New hurricane

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    New hurricane

    Hey everyone, I recently picked up a hurricane for a good deal. Needed a new stator, cdi and coils, then to be put back together. So far the old stator, cdi, and coils have been taken out, replaced and put back together. I have put new stock domes on the ski as well so far. The fuel lines look in good condition as well. Ski fired up last weekend so it runs, we started with a bad CDI that right off the bat we new wasn't going to work so we put in another one and it seems much better. MFD works perfect, the rub rails are in excellent condition.

    The to do list includes:

    - check timing
    - make sure compression is still good
    - remove, inspect and perhaps replace the jet pump bearings and seals of needed
    - clean thoroughly inside and out as it is dirty from sitting
    - have the seat recovered (new cover is in) and maybe get new foot mats
    - I hear a heat gun can help faded plastic restore its colour?
    - Have a little bit of fibreglass work to do on the inside edge of where the front hood meets the seal, person before me must have hit something. Everything else looks fine.
    - Put on a 6 vane as well

    - I am looking for the mid driveshaft bearing support kit that all the 97s came with, can't seem to find one but I would like to add it on to the cane

    After the ski is up and running mint in stock form I plan on modding the ski a bit. I intend on doing one mod at a time so I can see the difference and also if the mod causes an issue I'll hopefully know why it happened and what mod caused it. The mods include:

    - custom ride plate that a friend came up with a 3" extension (being made now)
    - brand new 92 octane domes
    - I have carbs from an SLX to try out with an accelerator pump
    - would like to mod the exhaust (cut out 2in) but I still need to look into it more
    - eventually some reeds as well
    - plan on boring out the exit nozzle as well
    - maybe trim?

    i must say I am really really excited about this ski. Have been on one only once and was sold. I have read some great threads including the U.K. Hurricane Project. Getting a lot of help from friends so that some good for me.
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    Welcome from Holland . Will be following this thread.

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    Nice ride

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    Thanks! Haven't been able to work too much on it the last few weeks. Will be getting back at it tomorrow! Will post more pics tomorrow.

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    Nice ride

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    Finally got a few hours to work on the ski. Got the timing set - sounds good. Took the jet pump apart and all looks well, including the impeller and there is no wear on the driveshaft. I used one of those wire brush discs with the air compressor to clean off the corrosion and kind of clean up where the nozzle and the pump connect, as well as where the pump housing and the stator connect. Also got the electrical box back together and checked the bilge pump to make sure it's working which it is. I did notice the oil tank is leaking a bit at the filter. I think I have a spare one (I hope) so I can replace it and see if it solves that issue. I also have a bit of fiberglass work to do. The person before my must have hit something from the top side of the hull. Nothing else is cracked or broken - just this part. Here are a few pics of inside the hull. It's very dirty from sitting, it is mostly just gunk, oil, and dirt and it all looks like it will wash out. I'm expecting a fairly decent look after I clean it out.
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    even a polaris stand for it nice

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    A bit of an update, I haven't worked on it in a while. The hood that came with the ski had some weird latch set up and the stock latches wont fit on it (bolt holes and design don't match) so I managed to get another hood from a buddy that I will paint and use. It is also in better condition with only one little crack in it. I managed to get all the old parts off the new hood, as well as everything but the hood itself off the ski. Now I have a few places to try and get the same paint color, I have the paint codes, just need someone that can get it and I can start sanding and painting the hood.
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    Haven't posted in a while as I have busy but I was able to get a bit more work done, more cosmetic stuff. I got the old foot mats off (bigger pain in the but then my other skis) and some of the registration decals and warning labels. Will go with the Hydro Turf Polaris foot mats that have the yellow Polaris inserts on them (mats will be the last thing I install, I just laid them on to see what they'd look like as I got a really good deal on them and couldn't pass them up!!). Not sure if I want to put the inside marble or black mat, or just leave it off altogether and have only the checker decal on the hull above the foot mats. Further, I am still going to take a few of the warning labels off but no more of the original decals. Also I got another hood as the other one was a bit beat up but has been painted yellow so I sanded and filled some of the chips and repeated in some of the areas so I can make it red again. Also purchasing some new handlebar grips probably the ODI Lock Grip ones. Soon I will be able to put it back together and start adding on some of the mod parts after I make sure it is running smoothly. Just need some warmer weather!

    Another issue that is concerning and I need to get done is the fiberglass crack along the side of the engine compartment top lip where the compartment seal sits. Looks like something crushed it from on top.
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