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    Understanding Metal Shavings

    I have a couple questions about metal shavings.
    I rebuilt a 06 rxp last season that had metal shavings in the engine and I thought it was because the wheel on the supercharger rubbing on the housing and ingesting them through the intake.

    #1) Wouldn't the shavings get caught in the intercooler?
    #2) Lets say some of the shavings made it through the intercooler, how do they get into the oil? Won't they go out the exhaust?

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    How large are the shavings? The only shavings from the charger that would make it into the motor are from the clutch assy.

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    The starter bendix gear generates a lot of shavings on these engines. Nothing you can do about this.

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    shaving from supercharger wheel rubbing will not go to the oil, they eventually go thru air intake system and spitted out by the exhaust. Metal shaving in oil are coming from all what is lubricated by oil like supercharger gear and clutch, starter pinion gear, but also oil pumps and all crank and rod bearings.

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