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    90's wave venture passenger side grab handles

    These must have broken off in the first 20 hours of use on these things, not one ski I looked at still had them intact. Wary of buying a used one as I imagine it'll be broken or cracked within a few hours of use too. Does anyone make these aftermarket that are worth a darn? Seems like machine shop or welder could prob make some snazzy aluminum ones.

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    Good ones are non-existant. I did see some short rubber bungees bolted on in place on a customer ski once. How about a pair of these?

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    I made handles out of 5/8 inch rope. Enlarge holes. Feed short piece of rope through and tie a knot in the inside of hull.

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    Great idea on the rope too!

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    Like the rubber handles, good call. Prob better replacement than the oem ones that'll just break

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