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    Water outlets in the 4 stroke boats

    Anyone ever done a deep dive into their water tell tales on the engines? I have noticed not only on my boat but on others as well that some of the lines pump more water than others. I have a difference between my two engines. My one engine will pump water constantly out the pisser while the other one will take higher rpm's to produce the water. Now having said that I have not had any cooling issues and I believe my jet pumps are both operating well but I am not positive.

    I am going to go through my pumps this off season. Make sure I do not have any issues with them.

    Can anyone offer any advise from what they have found out or know about this?

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    We have a new 212X and both piss about the same at idle.

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    I have a similar problem on my 2012 ar210. But it will set off a overheat alarm. I let it cool, restart that engine and gun it. Cleans it right out and away I go. Unfortunately I usually have to do that in a no wake zone

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