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    Best Place for FXHO Sponsons?

    After our last ride in the keys (first ride on the new ski with the Wife) we had some local's with an 06 FXHO HIGHLY recommend us the Riva Sponsons, they had the full Riva kit on their ski. My Wife was a bit unpleased with the ride of our ski on choppy waters and the couple we ran into said the Sponsons would be a night and day difference and make the ski much more comfortable in the rough. So now the Wife wants me to order the sponsons asap (such a difficult thing to do hehe).

    Is $219 at Riva the cheapest the Sponsons can be found? We're going out again this Friday and would love to have them on by then but if I can find them significantly cheaper somewhere i'd be willing to wait.
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    Not sure what the cheapest place is. When it comes down to being short on time, the most important thing is who has then and how fast can you get them. Price takes a backseat then!

    I'll be picking my FXHO up tomorrow so I dropped my double trailer off so they can load it in the morning. I had them install the full RIVA kit so I can "break everything in at the same time". A couple pics from tonight -

    I'll be able to compare this to my stock '06 FXHO this weekend.


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    I could tool up a set, just got done testing a Stepped set for a GPR...

    but if you need them fast, buy them through hulk's store...or go to Riva and pick them up directly...

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