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    Updated CDI Bench Test??

    If this has been asked and answered before, could someone point me in the right direction or to the thread? Thanks

    I have found a used updated CDI out of a SLTX 1050 and the owner has no idea if it works or not. Is there anyway to bench test it, to ensure that the CDI works properly, before I buy it? The CDI/Stator is on a salvage ski, so it cannot be tested on the ski. Thanks

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    There is no practical bench test for a Polaris watercraft CDI.

    There have been one or two 'spin testers' rigged up, essentially a mounted stator and flywheel on a variable speed electric motor, connected to a CDI and ignition system. Fabrication is required for the rig, plus hooking up all the electric. And some way to see/monitor the actual ignition firings for correct triggering, spark timing and spark consistency.

    The best way to check a CDI is to install it in a running watercraft, of the same ignition type.

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