Hey guys. So I am getting a TPS code and the ski is idling really rough. When you accelerate its extremely hesitant and once on plane it won't do anything past 1/2 throttle. I have a new set of throttle bodies with a new sensor on it I'm going to be installing. Is there any other things I should be wary of or be doing to ensure once I get these TB's on it's not a waste of time? This issue didn't start happening until I removed the stinger, free flow and 1200 waterbox it had in it. It also had an EFI I removed due to the ski not having any engine mods. I plugged back in the stock mapping, installed a 1300 WB and suppression system. Once I had the issue, I tried putting all the old stuff back on and it still had the issue.

I'm thinking I jacked the old sensor up when removing the stinger possibly or there has to be a wire that disconnected. I'm not an electrical guru with these skis by any means and only have intermediate mechanical skills on them.

Thanks for your input and help!