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    2003 GP1200 Won't start

    Hi guys, I'm new here, having purchased my 1st jetski yesterday. I bought a 2003 GP1200r with 154hours on it. Was told it had a full carby rebuild in February & rarely used since then (but started every 2 weeks on the hose for a few minutes). I took it for a test ride yesterday before buying it & it ran perfectly. So I went ahead with the purchase, Trailered it 5 hours home & took it out for a run today.
    At first it ran a little rough, but then seemed to come good. Topping out at 97kph. It did sound to have a bit of a miss when coming off the throttle. It then progressively started to run rough again at idle till the point when it stalled. Only rode it for about 10 minutes. Now it wont start at all. Only thing I did to it since bringing it home was to put 30ltrs of 98 octane fuel in it (recommended by the bloke I bought it off to supplement the fuel that was already in it that may be a bit stale). I have cleaned & checked the spark plugs, they appear fine.
    It cranks fine, has plenty of spark, but just wont fire. I have presurised the fuel tank & get fuel running out at the return line to the tank (removed the hose from outlet side the fuel filter).
    What have I missed, where to from here?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I hope I didn't buy a lemon. The bloke was a decent guy who appeared to really look after his gear.
    Thanks Regards Mick

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    Compression test it.

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    I should also add that it had a flat battery, so I was jump starting it from another battery. It barely had 12volts also, could that now be the problem as to why it wont fire at all now? I am going to replace the battery & spark plugs tonight with new to see how that goes. Any other recommendations?

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    Compression test results - 95,95,100psi. Replace battery & spark plugs with new. Still won't fire. Where to from here?

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    I removed spark plugs & tipped a bit of fuel into each jug. Had to do it 3 times, but it now running again. Will connect it to the hose tomorrow & run it for longer to make sure its ok before putting it in the water again. Fingers crossed that the gremlins are gone.

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