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    PWC Permanently Banned From Adelaide’s West Beach

    According to OZPWC , the inevitable finally happened, PWC were permanently banned during the summer along some of Australia’s West Beach. Personal watercraft and motorized boats cannot come within 200 meters of the shore between the River Torrens outlet and Grange Road between sunrise and sunset from December 1st and March 31st.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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    Well, at least they're consistent. In the keys, there are huge areas that are off limits to PWC's but not boats.

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    And everyone down here is okay with that. BUT.....most people dont actually hate the jet skis, its the idiots on them that cause the problems.

    Many years ago, I thought about creating a state approved licensing organization that allowed PWC operators to get permits that will allow them to operate in some of these areas. Under strict guidelines and regulations of course. People would have to display their reg numbers in a much different and larger fashion and also be equipped with GPS, a depth finder and some form of VHF and a simple tracking beacon. This org would be in charge of inspecting these vessels every year or two and a membership will be maintained in order to receive the next permit. Only XX amount would be offered at first with the ability to add XX later in X amount of years. It wouldn't be ridiculous, but it would weed out the problem people and allow the good guys to ski in peace.

    In fact, this would also stem into the Monroe County PWC LE team as well. Housing the modified skis and repair centers would be fairly straight forwards since the areas that are blocked off arent really too extensive. Then easy to access locations for the skis to be docked or moored up would be pretty simple as well but something needed to overcome. Riva South already donates a dozen SVHO skis for mini lobster season patrol, no reason they wouldn't let them keep em for a year and send them off for testing. Oye, Id have my hands full but it would be in a good way.

    Truth of the matter is, we are massive aerator pumps that oxygenate the water with every RPM of the impeller. We dont damage the grass and make mile long cuts in in, we simply get stuck. If we ever hit a manatee or a dolphin we would certainly not chop it in half or gouge the hell out of it, like 80% of the ones i see here. If we dont act like assholes, then there will be no problems. I could get the backing of a few key scientists and organizations in the area already, and with a little momentum this could really go somewhere...
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    Back to the topic of this thread. I wonder what it took for it to get this bad that everyone had to join together and ban PWC. I know it doesn't take too much to make it happen and only a few people to get something like this rolling. I think either way, this is a bit steep. Complete ban is a bit much, unless they already imposed some type of restriction that did not work properly and this was the next step.

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