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    New 951 Billet Reed Spacers w/ Hardware

    Here we go guys this is the first of hopefully many "Matt Braley" performance parts to come. I have a new relationship with a machinist that is going really well but I will only reveal and offer parts once they are here in my hand.

    Spacers are a must for performance or race 947/951 engines because extended wide open throttle runs can(and will eventually) chip your reeds. Many folks report a slight acceleration gain off idle also.

    These sets of two spacers come with a bag of the longer stainless steel bolts for $75 shipped in the US only.

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    They look awesome Matt. Can't wait to see what else you come up with. Good luck �� with your new venture.

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    Thank you very much Crazy. I was going to go big on some of this old stuff that I would like to see reproduced but decided against it now.

    These spacers are sold, sorry.

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