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    2005 RXT water in the hull

    Hi there
    for some time now I've had water in the hull and I think I may have just found the source. While on the trailer at the ramp I was running it and noticed water coming out of the rivet head that held the retaining strap for the water box. This would be the side closest to the tunnel. I have removed the water box and drilled out the rivet. It seems there is a false bottom and foam under there. How could water get into that location. I have removed the grate the tunnel looks ok and the pump shoe seems in good condition too. I will attempt to pump air into the rivet hole to see if water or air is escaping below somewhere. Any suggestions

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    thats a good start
    water in between the hull is usually not a easy fix
    the first place water usually get in the hull on a older ski
    is the cable seals, reverse and trim
    good luck

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